Honeywell Bakes

Honeywell Bakes

At Honeywell Bakes we spread joy through our love of baking. We offer a range of personalised hand iced biscuits and artisan baking kits for all the family.

We believe in being good to each other and the planet. We are proud to be B Corp Certified.

Honeywell Bakes sends out some of the most sensational biscuit gifts we’ve ever seen – order them for your birthday, someone else’s birthday, wedding, or summer holidays.

You just have to visit their website because their incredible iced biscuits are only the beginning!

You can choose a kit to bake your own Bubble Bread, Babka Buns, or Bunny Macarons – that’s if you’re not tempted by the masterpieces baked in-house at Honeywell.

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