Vagabond Bar & Kitchen

Vagabond Bar & Kitchen

We are an award-winning, high fiving, people loving, training leading, independent wine bar and kitchen!

We offer 100+ delicious wines by the glass, available to sample and explore via our bespoke wine dispensers, a seasonal sharing menu and our very own, very cool, urban winery in nearby Battersea Power Station where we make English wines.

If you don’t know much about wine but like drinking it, or know everything there is to know and want to discover more, Vagabond Wines is the perfect place. We welcome everyone, we have something for everyone, even if you don’t like wine you can choose from a range of craft beers, spirits and cocktails as well as a delicious range of no and low alcohol drinks.

Those who are in-the-know recommend Vagabond – a wine-tasting specialist which is all about discovering new kinds of wine. What’s your (grape) jam?

Explore their world of wine through a subscription tasting box, or attend a lively tasting session in one of Vagabond’s London venues.

Vouchers can be redeemed in any of our Vagabond Venues, simply enter a store and speak to a member of staff. Vocuher can be used for either drink and food in, or for take out bottles of wine.

How it works


Step One:


Set up your account, then use the code on your card to add credit to your account.

Step Two:

Choose & Exchange

Browse our edit of the best wellness brands. Do you already have a favourite? Maybe you’ll try something new? From the brand page, add to your basket and then “buy” a voucher with your Totally Taste credit.


Step Three:


We will email you the voucher code so that you can enjoy shopping directly with the brand you’ve chosen.

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